Photography by Bill Borgwardt  

Global Country Star Search 2016
The 2016 Global Country Star Search Edmonton competition took place at the Parkallen Kitchen & Bar on June 4th, 2016.  In the youth division, ages 13 to 17, Hailey Benedict from St Albert came out as the winner, while Hannah Gazso was the runner-up. In the over 30 category, Tanya Hedrick took top prize while Steve Gosse and Tracy Lynn tied as runners-up. Justin Hogg from Morinville won the overall category (age 18 - 29) while Amy Ivory placed second.

                          Hailey Benedict, Maryanne Gibson, CEO Global Country, Hannah Gazso

                  Hailey Benedict, Youth Winner                        Hannah Gazso, Youth Runner-up

                           Amy Ivory, Maryanne Gibson, CEO Global Country, Justin Hogg

        Justin Hogg, Overall (age 18-29) Winner                        Amy Ivory, Overall Runner-up

                                                      Tanya Hedric, Over 30 Winner

 Steve Gosse & Tracy Lynn Over 30 runners up (tie)   Tracy Lynn, Steve Gosse, Tanya Hedrick


Nashville and Pigeon Forge 2016

From March 6th to 16th, 2016, Global Country Star Search winners from 2015, Josh Ruzycki (Youth Division winner), Ben Klick (Overall Winner), Nicky Pearson (Over 30 winner) and Michelle Lavallee (Over 30 runner-up) travelled to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to compete in the North American Country Music Associations International competitions. On the way they stopped in Nashville for songwriting and mentoring sessions, and a first hand look at how the music industry works there. While in Nashville they met with Canadian artists who are either living or were working in Nashville at the time, and caught performances by several different Canadian acts. Amoung those they met or saw perform were: Lindsay Ell, Twin Kennedy, Kasy & Clayton, Lindi Ortega, Madison Kozak, Mike Bourque, Craig Moritz, RyLee Madison, Makayla Lynn, Ron Jeffery, Mandy MacMillan, Brett Kissel, Tyler Vollrath, Blake Emmons, the Good Brothers, and others..

Michelle Lavallee, Nicky Pearson, Ben Klick, Josh Ruzycki           Ben Klick, Nicky Pearson, Michelle Lavallee, Josh Ruzycki

Darrin Cherewayko (drummer), RyLee Madison (Nashville                                      Songwriting session
     mentor), Michelle, Nicky, Maryanne Gibson (CEO Global
     Country), Ben and Josh

Backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry                                                             Backstage Opry tour

                                               Meeting with Lindsay Ell of Calgary                                             Meeting Paul Franklin and Ranger Doug of the 
                         after her 11th Opry appearance                                                                           Time Jumpers

With RyLee Madison & Makayla Lynn from                     With  Brett Kissel and Tyler Vollrath and his wife Beckie
Nova Scotia at the Time Jumpers                                                                at the Time Jumpers

  With former Global Country Rising Star Brett Kissel                   Meeting Twin Kennedy (Julie & Carlie Kennedy) from BC
                                                                                                                   at  Music City Roots radio show at The Factory in Franklin  

Meeting Clayton Linthicum and Kacy Anderson from                    Kacy & Clayton (SK) and Lindi Ortega (ON)  on the
           Saskatchewan at Music City Roots radio show                                        Music City Roots radio show

Meeting with artists who performed on the                                     Outside world famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge
                        Music City Roots radio show                                                         on Lower Broadway in Nashville            

         Josh performing on stage at Layla's in Nashville                               Meeting Mike Bourque (NB)  and Waylon's former
                                                                                                                                                   guitar player

            At Hatch Show Print, Country Music Hall of Fame                             At the Country Music Hall of Fame

At the Bluebird Cafe with Twin Kennedy                    With Alberta artist Craig Moritz at The Listening Room    

   Meeting Mandy MacMillan from Stony Plain, AB.                                Meeting Madison Kozak from Ontario

           After an inpromptu performance at the Cracker Barrel                  With Blake Emmons outside the Country Tonight Theatre
                       in Harriman, TN                                                      in Pigeon Forge, home of the NACMAI competitions

                         Larry and Brian Good                                                                                       Bruce Good
     The Good Brothers were inducted into the North American Country Music Hall of Fame

                    Blake Emmond was also inducted into the                                 Blake Emmons and The Good Brothers     
            North American Country Music Hall of Fame 

             Hanging out with the Good Brothers                                         With Blake Emmons and The Good Brothers
Breakfast time at The Cracker Barrel                                            Meeting Ron Jeffery (AB) musical director of
                                                                                                                             the Comedy Barn, Pigeon Forge, TN               


         At the Elvis Presley grave site in Graceland, Memphis                                     Sun Studio in Memphis     

                                    Ben Klick - NACMAI performance and award reciprient
Michelle Lavallee - NACMAI performance and award reciprient

                 Nicky Pearson - NACMAI performance and award reciprient

John Ruzycki - NACMAI performance and award reciprient

Peggy Franck, CEO NACMAI giving Maryanne Gibson, CEO Global Country the 2016 Appreciation Award
Josh Ruzycki, Michelle Lavallee, Ben Klick and Nicky Pearson with their NACMAI awards

Nashville and Pigeon Forge 2015         

From March 8th to 18th, 2015, the 2014 Global Country Star Search winners, Julia Nicholson (Youth Division winner) Sydney Mae (Youth Division runner-up), and Jessy Mossop (Overall runner-up), traveled to Nashville and then to Pigeon Forge where they competed in the North American Country Music Associations International competitions. Nakita Kohan, who was the overall Star Search winner, was unfortunately not able to go.

 In Nashville the group toured many of the historical music sites, including the Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash museum, and the Grand Ole Opry where they caught a show. They also had the opportunity to see a performance of the Time Jumpers with Vince Gill, and spent some time on Lower Broadway, home of the famous honky tonks. On the learning side they had a songwriting and mentoring session with Canadian artist Rylee Madison, from Nova Scotia, who lives in Nashville and runs Global Country's Nashville mentoring program with her husband, Clay Krasner (Terri Clark's bass player); had a meeting with Warner-Chappel songwriter, Aaron Goodvin, a former Global Country artist; and then had a studio tour and mentoring session with Nashville producer, Eddie Gore, who runs Insomnia Studio. While in Nashville they also met Canadians, Mike Bourque, Scotty Kipfer, Mandy McMillan, Naomi Bristow, Darlene Tuleta, Blake Emmmons and others.

 On the way to Pigeon Forge the girls gave an in impromptu performance at the Cracker Barrel in Harriman, where they had stopped for lunch, a tradition started when the first Global Country group stopped there in 2004. In Pigeon Forge, before competing in the NACMAI competition they caught a show at The Comedy Barn and met musical director, Ron Jeffery, a former Albertan, and took part in jam sessions with some of the other competitors.

The group also attended the NACMAI Hall of Fame show, where Edmonton radio station CFCW won the International Radio Station of the Year Award. The award was accepted by Maryanne Gibson, CEO of Global Country. Also at the Hall of Fame show, Jeff Funk of Dynasty Records, Alberta and Nashville, was given a special Appreciation Award, and two Canadians were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Songwriter Ralph Murphy went in the Songwriter category, and Michelle Wright was inducted in the Artist category. Nashville artist, Brenda Kaye Perry, and legendary sax player, Ace Cannon were also inducted, as well as Jett Williams, daughter of Hank Williams Sr, who was inducted into the Legends category.

 At the competition, Jessy  Mossop won the International New Country female vocalist and entertainer awards, as well as a songwriter award for her song,"Girl Inside Of Me", a co-songwriter award for a song she wrote with Stephen Lecky, "Monsters", plus a video award. Sydney Mae won the International New Country Youth female vocalist and entertainer awards, plus a songwriter youth award for "Mary Ann" and a youth co-songwriter award for "Out Of My Head" a song she co-wrote with Troy Kokol. Julia Nicholson won International Most Promising female vocalist and entertainer awards and a youth songwriter award for "Black Camero". Nakita Kohan had submitted a song she co-wrote with Stephen Lecky, "Do You Really Think", and a video, and won International awards in both categories.

         Sydney Mae, Jessy Mossop, Julia Nicholson                             Sydney Mae, Julia Nicholson, Jessy Mossop
                    Headed for Nashville                                       Outside the Grand Ole Opry

                  Jessy Mossop, Julia Nicholson, Sydney Mae                           Julia Nicholson, Sydney Mae, Jessy Mossop
                 Grand Ole Opry Green Room                                                                Grand Ole Opry       

                    Ryman Auditorium                          Julia Nicholson, Sydney Mae, Rylee Madison, Jessy Mossop
                                                                                     Songwriters seminar

                                      Bluebird Cafe                                                  The Time Jumpers

               Amy Grant & Vince Gill - The Time Jumpers                  Julia Nicholson, Amy Grant, Sydney Mae, Jessy Mossop

        Julia Nicholson, Jessy Mossop, Vince Gill, Sydney Mae     Sydney Mae, Ranger Doug, Jessy Mossop, Julia Nicholson

   Sydney Mae, Kenny Sears, Julia Nicholson, Jessy Mossop                  Sydney Mae, Jessy Mossop,  Jay Taylor,
                                                                                                                                    Julia Nicholson, Mandy McMillan

              Sydney Mae, Jessy Mossop and Julia Nicholson                      Sydney Mae, Julia Nicholson and Jessy Mossop
               with Ontario western singer Naomi Bristow                       with B B King's drummer, Ronnie, and Scotty Kipfer

                 With Eddie Gore at Insomnia Studio                                With former star of Hee Haw, Canadian Blake Emmons
                                                                                                                              and Alberta country artist Mandy McMillan

        Performing at Cracker Barrel, Harrington, TN                                   On the way to Pigeon Forge

     Country Tonight Theatre, Home of NACMAI competitions                Jessy Mossop on the Comedy Barn stage

              With members of the Comedy Barn cast                          With musical director Ron Jeffery, former Alberta artist

                  Maryanne Gibson accepts award for CFCW                           Jeff Funk of Dynasty Records receives a special
                                                                                                                   Appreciation Award from NACMAI CEO Peggy Franck      

                       Ralph Murphy - Hall of Fame Songwriter                                 Michelle Wright - Hall of Fame Inductee

                    Brenda Kaye Perry - Hall of Fame Inductee                                   Ace Cannon - Hall of Fame Inductee

                       Jett Williams - Hall of Fame Legend                                   Dollywood

Award Winning Performances

                                  Jessy Mossop                                                 Julia Nicholson

                            Sydney Mae                         The winners with Global Country CEO/President Maryanne Gibaon


Nashville & Pigeon Forge 2014

From March 10th to 19th, 2014, the 2013 Global Country Star Search winners, Jesse Mast (junior winner), Stephanie Lloyd (overall winner), Christianne Godart (runner-up), Dahlia Wakefield (over 30 winner) and Melody Lovejoy (over 30 runner-up), traveled to Nashville and then to Pigeon Forge where they competed in the North Amerrican Country Music Associations International competitions. Jesse Mast won the International New Country Male Vocalist award, and the International New Country Male Entertainer awards (age 17 - 20), and also an International Songwriter award for his song, "House Of Pine". Stephanie Lloyd was awarded the International New Country Female Vocalist and Entertainer awards (age 17 - 20). In the International New Country Female Vocalist category, Melody Lovejoy won overall, with Dahlia Wakefield winning Most Promising, and Christianne Godart receiving the Horizon Award, and in the International New Country Female Entertainer category, Christianne Godart garnered the overall, with Melody Lovejoy taking the Most Promising award, and Dahlia Wakefield getting the Horizon Award. In addition, Melody and Dahlia also both won songwriting awards.

    Jesse Mast, Stephanie Lloyd, Christianne Godart                       On the road to Nashville
           Dahlia Wakefield & Melody Lovejoy   

               Outside the Grand Ole Opry                                      Inside the Grand Ole Opry

                 Grand Ole Opry Green Room                                On Lower Broadway, Nashville

              The Time Jumpers with Vince Gill                                     Meeting Vince Gill

            With Ranger Doug of Riders In The Sky                  Kenny Sears, leader of the Time Jumpers

  With Alberta artists: Tenille (l) & Mandy McMillan (r)     With Julie & Carlie Kennedy from B.C.

 Songwriting session with Nova Scotian Rylee Madison        Joining a busker on Lower Broadway

          Outside the Country Music Hall of Fame                            Inside the Hall of Fame

   Meeting producer Eddie Gore - Insomnia Studios       Meeting singer/songwriter Morgan Myles, Aaron
                                                                                     Goodvin (Nashville songwriter/producer and former
                                                                                     Global Country artist), & songwriter/producer
                                                                                     Bart Butler

                    Outside the Studio                                                   At the Bluebird Cafe

 Meeting multi-award winning Alberta singer/songwriter              At the Johnny Cash Museum
                      Carolyn Dawn Johnson

                  At the Ryman Auditorium                        Performing in a Cracker Barrel restaurant

               On the way to Pigeon Forge                                Home of the NACMAI competitions -
                                                                                  Country Tonight Theatre

     With Albertan Ron Jefferies, musical director at                     NACMAI Award Winners
                       The Comedy Barn

                                                       Award Winning Performances

             Jesse Mast                                     Stephanie Lloyd                          Dahlia Wakefield

                               Melody Lovejoy                                     Christianne Godart           

All Star Concert - June 23, 2013


                           HOSTS: Jackie Rae                                                         Danny Hoper                                                    Lisa Hewitt

                                       Jessie Mast                                                        Stephanie Lloyd                                                 Dahlia Wakefield
                      2013 Country Star Search Winner 13-17                     2013 Country Star Search Winner 18-29                    2013 Country Star Search Winner over 30

                                   Candice Ryan                                                              Katie Mission                                                       Livy Jeanne

                                                         Lisa Hewitt & daughter  Abby                                                                             Abby Hewitt

                                                                                                 John Duke, Wes Spencer, Danny Hooper
                                                                                                   Auctioning off an autographed guitar

                                        Shelby Scoggins                                                        Cash Scoggins                                                            Krysta Scoggins

                                                             Shelby, Krysta & Cash Scoggins                                                                            Danny Hooper
                                                         R Harlan Smith                                                             Kasha Anne & Mitch Smith - The Orchard

                                          Christianne Godart                                                  Melody Lovejoy                                                    Cassidy Zahar   
                            2013 Country Star Search Runner Up 18-29               2013 Country Star Search Runner Up over 30                 2013 Country Star Search Runner Up 13-17  

Nashville & Pigeon Forge 2013

Cassidy Zahar, Candice Ryan, Lyndsay Butler, Olivia Wik                                                    Grand Ole Opry Stage  

                                    Grand Ole Opry Green Room                                                                                 Ready for the Opry    

                                              Ryman Auditorium                                                                                           The Time Jumpers     

                    Dawn Sears & Vince Gill with the Time Jumpers                                                Candice Ryan singing with the Time Jumpers           

                                               Hunter Hayes                                                                             Olivia Wik & Hunter Hayes
                                                          Olivia Wik meeting Albertan Mandy McMillan, now living in Nashville, & Vince Gill
                                                                                                 At The Opry   
    At the Opry - Bill Anderson                                        Easton Corbin                                              Alberta's own Paul Brandt

                       Ricky Skaggs & Paul Brandt                                                                                                            The Whites

                      Meeting with Warner/Chappell songwriter &                                                                      Olivia Wik singing at Tootsies
                   former Global Country artist, Aaron Goodvin  

  Lyndsay Butler sings at Legends on Broadway                                                             Clowning with  Elvis on Lower Broadway 

Performing for diners in a Cracker Barrel                                                                    On the way to Pigeon Forge

 NACMAI Hall of Fame Show

                             Dave Wilburn                                                         Doug Stone                                                     Songwriter Kim Williams
                                                                                                                                                                                16 NumberOne hits, 28 top 10 hits

                                                                         NACMAI Award Winning Performances

                                          Candice Ryan                                                                                           Olivia Wik

                                        Lyndsay Butler                                                                                     Cassidy Zahar

                                                          International Awards won at the NACMAI competitions  


All Star Concert - June 11, 2012

Cassidy Zahar                                  Olivia Wik                                  Stephanie Roinier

             Andrew Scott                                  Lyndsay Butler                                Candice Ryan

Host Jackie Rae Greening                      Lisa Hewitt                                    Calvin Vollrath

                                                                  Lisa Hewitt's Little Ole Opry


Nashville & Pigeon Forge 2012

Star Search winners: Brendan Guy (Junior), Payton Klassen (Youth), Andrew Scott (18 - 34 winner), Stephanie Roinier (18 - 34 runner-up) and Tommy J Mueller (35 and over), travelled to Nashville and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, in March 2012 to compete in the North American Country Music Associations International competitions. Each artist won multiple awards at the competition.

                 Outside the Grand Ole Opry                                                                Doors to the Grand Ole Opry

                      Grand Ole Opry Green Room                                                      Outside the Ryman Auditorium

                   In the studio with Eddie Gore                                                   In the studio with Eddie Gore and  Aaron Goodvin

                     Outside the Bluebird Cafe                                                     Listening to songwriters at the Bluebird Cafe

                  Country Music Hall of Fame                                    Country Music Hall of Fame  

           At Cooter's - Home of the Dukes of Hazzard                                           Meeting a busker on Lower Broadway

           Hockey at Bridgestone Arena - Oilers vs Preditors                  The home of the Nashville honky tonks - Lower Broadway
              The Band Perry on the Grand Ole Opry                          At the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge  with Albertan Ron Jefferies

             Payton Klassen at the Whiskey Bent Saloon                           Stephanie Roinier on stage at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge

   Maryanne Gibson with the Star Search artists and their trophies           Payton Klassen and Brendan Guy meet Vince Gill

                 On stage at the Ryman Auditorium                                        An evening of western swing with the Time Jumpers


All Star Concert - June 13, 2011
            Brendan Guy                                             Payton Klassen                                                 Tommy Mueler

                 Livy Jeanne                                           Kasha Derechey                           Mitchell Smith & Kasha Derechey

                  Tenille                                                           Tracy Millar                                          Samantha King
                 Lisa Hewitt                                            Mike Gouchie                                                      The Emeralds

         Country Star Search Finalists                           Host Warren Berg                                                Andrew Scott
                                                                                                   CFCW                                                      Star Search Winner

                                                                                                          Grand Finale


Nashville and Pigeon Forge 2011

                     Kasha - International New Country Modern                  Livy Jeanne - International New Country Modern Age 13 to 17
       Female Entertainer, Vocalist & Songwriter                                         
Female Entertainer, Vocalist, Songwriter & Video   

                                  Kasha & Mitchell Smith                                                    Kasha, Mitchell Smith & Livy Jeanne
                    International New Country Modern Duo

           Kasha outside the Grand Ole Opry                                                    Kasha on stage at the Ryman Auditorium

         Livy Jeanne & Kasha outside Tootsies                                               Kasha & Livy Jeanne at the Bluebird Cafe

    Livy Jeanne, Ron Jefferies, Mitchell Smith & Kasha                          Livy Jeanne & Kasha in the Bluebird Cafe
               at the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, TN

          Kasha sings in Tootsies in Nashville                                  Kasha, Mitch, & Livy Jeanne with Keith & Mike Bradford
                                                                                                         of the Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network, NBRN.FM
     Kasha performs at The Second Fiddle in Nashville                    Kasha & Mitch in their duo performance at NACMAI

  Livy Jeanne at The Stage in Nashville                  At the Wild Horse Saloon                          Kasha in Pigeon Forge, TN

      Kasha at the Country Music Hall of Fame                             Kasha & Livy Jeanne with Gil Grand at Grand & Gee Music

   Kasha makes a recording at the Ryman Auditorium           Joanne Janzen, Livy Jeanne & Kasha at The Station Inn

      Kasha & Livy Jeanne meet Brett Kissel in Nashville                                     Kasha at Graceland in Memphis

   Kasha in Printers Alley in Nashville           Kasha performs at NACMAI              Outside the Ryman Auditorium

    Kasha on the Grand Ole Opry stage          Livy Jeanne performs at NACMAI   Livy Jeanne & Kasha at Country Tonight Theatre

Lamont Concert - July 24, 2010

   Daylin       Livy          Kasha
          Daylin Jorgensen                            Liv
y Jeanne                                              Kasha
    Mike        Katie             Fred      
                 Mike Gouchie                                 Katie Mission                               Fred Larose - band leader

   Winners                  Group    
 2010 Star Search Winners: Daylin, Kasha & Livy Jeanne                     Katie Mission & Mike Gouchie with CEO Maryanne Gibson


All Star Concert - June 14th, 2010

   Olivia Rose         Daylin Jorgensen              Livy Jeanne
            Olivia Rose                                                 Daylin Jorgensen                                          Livy Jeanne

Sean Sonego            Danielle Lowe              Kayka Patrick
            Sean Sonego                                                  Danielle Lowe                                           Kayla Patrick

        Plain Janes              Festival City Fiddlers
           Plain Janes (formerly The Vissia Sisters)                                                Festival City Fiddlers                                    
Leah Durelle           Chris Leblanc              Chad Klinger
          Leah Durelle                                              Chris LeBlanc                                                 Chad Klinger

Rylee Madison            Lisa Hewitt             Gil Grand
          RyLee Madison                                            Lisa Hewitt                                                      Gil Grand          

Jake Mathews            Tim Hus             Katie Mission
           Jake Mathews                                             Tim Hus                                                      Katie Mission

                    Kenny Hess           Myrol
                                 Kenny Hess                                                               Myrol

          Guitar draw            Star Search winners
                  Draw For An Autographed Guitar                         Country Star Search winner - Kasha Derechey

Rodeo Concert - November 10th, 2009 ›› Close Window

John Cunningham, Eli Barsi, Lizzy Hoyt

Gary Fjellgaard

Eli Barsi

Alex Hughes
Lamont Rodeo - July 25th, 2009  

Emily Seal

Alex Hughes

Lauren Adamoski

Lamont Rodeo, July 25th, 2009

Olivia Rose
11th Annual Global Country Concert - June 15th, 2009


11th Annual Global Country Concert Finale

Maryanne Gibson, CEO/President
Global Country - presenting Alex Hughes with her Country Star Search Award 2009

Adam Gregory

Joyce Smith

Redd Volkaert

Stewart MacDougall

Chriss Sheetz - Cisn fm & Redd Volkaert

Lisa Hewitt

Katie Mission
Global Country Artist Management

Mike Gouchie

Emily Seal
Global Country Artist Management

Alex Hughes
Country Star Search Winner 2009
Open Division 18 years old and over

Kara Wilson
1st Runner Up
Country Star Search 2009
Open Division
18 years old and over

Sean Sonego
Country Star Search 2009
Youth Division Winner
13 to 17 years old

Olivia Rose
Country Star Search 2009
Junior Division Winner
7 to 12 years old
Lamont Show - July 26th, 2008  

Lamont Show
July 26th, 2008

Joanne Janzen, Stan Hitchcock, Katie Mission,
Kat Brandon (M.C.), Emily Seal

Katie Mission

Stan Hitchcock

Emily Seal

Joanne Janzen
  10th Annual Festival of the Stars Concert - 2008

Stan Hitchcock, Country Star Search Winner 2008
Maryanne Gibson
CEO, President, Global Country

Katie Mission with Farmer's Daughter

Emily Seal with Farmer's Daughter

Stan Hitchcock, Country Star Search Winner 2008
Paul Chesters, Country Star Search Winner 2007

Stacey Roper, Krista Scoggins, Melanie Switzer

Farmer's Daughter

Duane Steele

Samantha King

Stacey Roper of Hey Romeo

Hey Romeo

Warren Berg (CFCW)
Stan Hitchcock Country Star Search Winner 2008

Holgar Peterson, Maryanne Gibson, Stan Hitchcock

Holgar Peterson
Stan Hitchcock, Country Star Search Winner 2008

Country Star Search Finalists 2008
Stan Hitchcock, Brian Hayward, Kasha Derechey,
Tyson Goodvin, Amber Haydey
(l to r)

Maryanne Gibson

CEO, President, Global Country

Warren Berg

Craig Moritz

Tracy Millar

Eli Barsi

Trevor Panczak

Tiffany Dowhan

Katie Mission

Tyler Vollrath and Calvin Vollrath

Stan Hitchcock

Paul Chesters
Country Star Search Winner 2007


Lisa Hewitt

Mike Gouchie

Colleen Rae

Emily Seal

Kelly of Jo Hikk
The Global Country Rodeo Show
with Gary Fjellgaard - November 6th, 2007
CCMA - September 2007

Paul Chesters, Brett Kissel, Katie Mission, Gary Fjellgaard

Paul Chesters, Katie Mission, Brett Kissel, Gary Fjellgaard
  Festival of the Stars Concert - 2007
Brad Johner
CCMA Male Vocalist of the Year

Shane Yellowbird
CCMA Chevy Truck Rising Star Award

Brett Kissel and Gary Fjellgaard

Hey Romeo
Katie Mission

Patricia Conroy

Lisa Hewitt

Leah Durelle

Stacey Roper

Shawn and Dee

Tera Lee

Tiffany Dowhan

Tracy Millar

Trevor Panczak

Vissia Sisters

Paul Chesters
Country Star Search Winner 2007

Paul Chesters with
Maryanne Gibson, CEO, President, Global Country

  Festival of the Stars Concert - 2006

Hank Snow Bronze Statue unveiling ,
June 19th, 2006.

Masters of Ceremonies
Sharon Mallon, and Danny Hooper

Katie Mission

Samantha King

Leah Durelle

The Vissia Sisters

Kenny Hess